The Process

Dermatoglyphics is the study of the patterns on fingers and hands. These patterns are uniquely intertwined with an individual’s genetic composition and central nervous system. They can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents with an accuracy of approximately 95%.
Benefits of Fingerprint Analysis:
• Discover innate strengths and weaknesses
• Enhance learning experience by identifying preferred learning styles
• Personalize academic and extra curriculum programs
• Minimize time and financial commitments on unnecessary courses
• Reveal hidden talents
• Build confidence
• Improve family relationships
• Make academic and career choices easier
• Enhance teaching-learning experience
• Make professional success easily achievable
• Enhance compatibility among life partners
• Improve work place environment

Why is DIIA Recommended?
• Boosts child’s self confidence
• Strengthens parental bonds
• Provides children with a happy childhood
• Lays out the pathway to a personally and professionally satisfying future

Multi-Level Process
We, at Discover In, follow a multi-level process to provide insights into an individual’s personality and understanding his innate abilities.

process chart