Why Discover In

Dermatoglyphics is the study of the patterns on fingers and hands. These patterns are uniquely intertwined with an individual’s genetic composition and central nervous system. They can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents which are unique to every individual and remain unchanged throughout life.

At Discover In, we use the Dermatoglyphic Innate Intelligence Analysis[DIIA] to produce scientifically- based, useful information for individuals falling in the age range of 1.5 – 70 years. The DIIA has multi-fold benefits, proving useful for parents, teachers, educational institutions, professionals and corporate organizations.


  • Identify and discover the inborn skills of the child.
  • Understand the child’s personality type and relate with him better.
  • Identify the child’s acquiring and learning styles, and provide him a more customized learning environment.
  • Assist the child in the career selection process more efficiently and avoid wasting time and finances on less suited avenues.
  • Be confident and assured of a bright and promising future for the child.

Teachers and Mentors:

  • Identify and understand the behavioral traits and learning styles of the students.
  • Be able to classify the students according to diverse skill/talent pools efficiently.
  • Have a better understanding of ways of improving a student’s academic performance.
  • Be in a more learned position when interacting with parents and suggesting them ways to enhance the teaching-learning experience for the child.
  • Dealing more effectively with situations demanding disciplinary action.

Educational Institutions:

  • Become better aware of the talent sets of the students.
  • Improve and enhance the teaching-learning process,thereby garnering better results.
  • Improve rapport among students and teachers, and also with parents.
  • Become more adept at handling situations of disobedience and indiscipline.
  • Carve a separate niche for themselves and perform above competition, eventually positively impacting enrollments and brand awareness.


  • Understand ones innate abilities and focus areas better.
  • Receive expert consultation and guidance on remedial measures.
  • Realize professional aspirations with precision after overcoming weaknesses.
  • Evolve the confidence to achieve success in professional and personal life in the times of fierce competition.


Corporate Organizations:

  • Enhance and improve the hiring process by selecting the “right” candidates.
  • Ensure effective communication and enhance work-place environment.
  • Benefit from the uniquely designed and customized training interventions offered by Discover In.